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Chain of Title... And why it's important to you.

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If an analysis performed by Stellionata Consulting, LLC can benefit your argument, we will tell you. If we feel that we cannot benefit your argument, we will tell you. Up front. Without charging you a dime for the privilege of an initial examination of your chain of title. With that said...

Stellionata Consulting, LLC offers two analyses that, oftentimes, work hand in hand and compliment each other.

The Chain of Title Analysis

The documents recorded at your county Registry or Recorder of Deeds is where we start. We examine all pertinent documents in your chain of title. We look at every piece of relevant information available within the four corners of the documents. We examine names, addresses, corporations, etc. and cross reference them with our own and other existing databases of information for potential discrepancies in the accuracy and viability of the documents. We determine, to the best of our ability, whether your chain of title is intact with regard to the documents that are filed with your county registry. If we find that your note has been securitized, we move on to the next step.

The Securitization Analysis

Upon confirming that your note has been securitized, Stellionata Consulting, LLC will set off to find the pertinent documents of the residential mortgage backed security trust into which your promissory note has allegedly been securitized. Some are easily accessed via the Security and Exchange Commission's website. Some via individual investor sites. Some are sold off to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Some are private deals which are more difficult to track down and may only be available through the discovery process of litigation.

Upon obtaining the trust documents, Stellionata Consulting, LLC will begin to examine them and note the applicable points of interest and paragraphs that may directly affect your situation. These will be highlighted accordingly and made easy to cross reference in the actual document should you and/or your legal counsel feel that the information is pertinent to your case.

While both of these analyses can be performed independently of each other, Stellionata Consulting, LLC recommends that both are obtained whenever appropriate and financially possible for the client. In obtaining both analyses, the information contained therein oftentimes helps to paint a more complete picture of the chain of title both at the county registry and within the securitization process.

Foreclosure Defense Litigation Support

Stellionata Consulting, LLC also offers foreclosure defense litigation support to law firms of all sizes. From document digitization to motion drafting to strategy discussion to meeting with clients and organization of their cases we can assist. Whether you, as a firm, have clients that you want to help but are unfamiliar with foreclosure defense strategy or simply want to maximize your case potential, Stellionata Consulting, LLC can provide the solutions that you need.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to address them if it is at all possible.


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Chain of Title

A few years ago, there was a lot of media hype about "producing the original note." There was almost equal response from the mortgage/foreclosure industry that the original note wasn't important and that reasonable facsimiles that were attested to as being "true and accurate copies of the original" were/are good enough to demonstrate that the current "bearer" of the copy is the rightful note holder and, therefore, has title and interest in the promissory note and has legal standing to foreclose.

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