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About Stellionata Consulting, LLC

Michael Dillon has been a consumer and foreclosure defense advocate since deciding to make his own fraudulent foreclosure public beginning in 2004. He has been studying the foreclosure "crisis" since roughly 2001 when his personal legal battle first began. His personal experience can be found on the web at GetDShirtz.com.

"There are those who believe that assignment and/or securitization analysis is an unnecessary waste of time and money. Obviously, I disagree or I would not have started this firm or put my name on it. Establishing the chain of title or, just as importantly, lack thereof is the first step to any good foreclosure defense in my opinion. By virtue, this also establishes what, if any, entity has title and interest in the property as the legitimate note holder and, therefore, the legal standing to foreclose.

The analysis that anyone, including Stellionata, can provide is not a "silver bullet". Assignment and securitization analysis is only one of several pieces of a solid foreclosure defense case. Strictly in my opinion, in addition to identifying any potential chain of title issues, a good foreclosure defense should have a forensic accounting of the payment history of the loan performed. I use that language because few people claiming to perform "forensic audits" of mortgages actually have any accounting background, let alone any forensic accounting qualifications or credentials. Therefore, I only recommend that a forensic accountant or Certified Public Accountant with Certified Fraud Examiner status be used to perform any "forensic" accounting. Otherwise, you could end up with potential problems when the individual is eventually called to testify as an expert witness in your case.

Additionally, it is essential to have proper, competent and experienced legal counsel in place. In addition to case and statutory law, court procedure must also be followed. A borrower may know his or her case and each and every potentially applicable state and federal violations of law but if court procedure is not adhered to, that alone may be enough to sink even the best of cases.

The bottom line is that there is a rule book by which everyone involved in a mortgage is supposed to play. The borrower usually does their best to play by the rules and they are held to them very strictly. The same cannot always be said of the note holder, servicer, and/or their local legal counsel. Documents may be fabricated. Signatures may be forged. Notarizations may be back-dated. There may be other flaws in the chain of title that will help protect your legal rights. It's not a question of "getting a free house." It's a question of everyone following the law and not cutting corners or violating certain legal rights that a borrower may have.

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Stellionata Consulting, LLC

497 Hooksett Rd. #105

Manchester, NH 03104

Phone: (603) 685 4301

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Chain of Title

A few years ago, there was a lot of media hype about "producing the original note." There was almost equal response from the mortgage/foreclosure industry that the original note wasn't important and that reasonable facsimiles that were attested to as being "true and accurate copies of the original" were/are good enough to demonstrate that the current "bearer" of the copy is the rightful note holder and, therefore, has title and interest in the promissory note and has legal standing to foreclose.

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