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FHA calls on lenders to assist distressed gov't workers

The Federal Housing Administration urged lenders to be sensitive to borrowers feeling the negative effects of the government shutdown. With no paychecks coming in, some federal employees may be unable to make their mortgage payments, the FHA noted.

The agency expects all approved lenders to communicate with distressed borrowers, offering them rescue plans such as informal forbearance plans and available loss mitigation options.


Detroit's Housing Turnaround Finally Gets Off the Ground

Its hard to conceive that two of Americas shining jewels were practically destroyed in the past decade: New Orleans by a monster storm and Detroit by an economic disaster that was nearly as monstrous. But happily there are signs of green shoots in Detroit on the housing front.

According to Clear Capital, Detroit was No. 2 in all U.S. metro areas in


Servicing Statements Run Afoul of Bankruptcy Code

Bankruptcy trustees are warning the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that the periodic statements servicers are required to send homeowners can conflict with the Bankruptcy Code.

The statements include certain information that is helpful to borrowers whose loan is performing or in the early stages of delinquency, according to a letter by the


Shutdown cutting off loans for small businesses


Constantine von Hoffman /

MoneyWatch/ October 7, 2013, 2:25 PM

(Moneywatch) The government shutdown has come at exactly the wrong time for small businesses, shutting down loans and freezing government contracts just as that sector was getting back on its feet.

The closure of the Small Business Administration has cut off a key source for small


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Chain of Title

A few years ago, there was a lot of media hype about "producing the original note." There was almost equal response from the mortgage/foreclosure industry that the original note wasn't important and that reasonable facsimiles that were attested to as being "true and accurate copies of the original" were/are good enough to demonstrate that the current "bearer" of the copy is the rightful note holder and, therefore, has title and interest in the promissory note and has legal standing to foreclose.

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