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10Apr 2011
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As many of you know, in 2006 Dustin Diamond was in the media promoting his website which sells, (among other things) t-shirts, the proceeds of which were/are to help him save his home from an alleged foreclosure. His biggest media push happened when he appeared on the Howard Stern Show.

While I'm not sure (nor do I want to be) about the body parts he bragged to the cast of the Stern show about, he's got a huge set of stones to be asking you and me to give him money in order to bail himself out of a bad business deal. What he is doing is a real smack in the face to anyone who has suffered the injustices of an illegal foreclosure attempt by a predatory lender or mortgage servicing company engaging in fraudulent practices. I should know, I was, am and continue to be a victim of Fairbanks Capital Corp., now known as Select Portfolio Servicing.

My problems with mortgage servicing fraud began several years before the settlement of USA/Curry v. Fairbanks in Boston when Fairbanks Capital Corp. (n/k/a Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.) obtained the servicing rights to my loan from Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch purchased my loan from Superior Bank FSB two weeks after origination and initially the loan was to be serviced by Superior. But when the FDIC placed them into receivership the servicing rights were transferred to Fairbanks. Fairbanks claims that I was in default from the day they obtained the servicing rights to my loan despite the fact that they have not provided shred one of evidence to that effect.

From the onset, Fairbanks piled on fees for things like force placed insurance and collection letters and charged for a host of other financial penalties that not only amounted to violations of the terms of my note and mortgage and federal and state infractions but enabled them to account the loan in such a way that it appeared I was continuously in default no matter how much money I paid into my mortgage. In a nutshell, that is Mortgage Servicing Fraud.

I have spent the better part of the past five years fighting to save my home from their attempts to fraudulently foreclose. In June 2005 I was awarded a permanent injunction from Superior Court blocking the foreclosure sale of my home. However, Fairbanks/Selects' refusal/inability to come into compliance with the court order, as well as their most recent foreclosure threat, keeps the litigation alive. A more detailed account of my personal story can be found here.


While there has been, and always will be, speculation as to why I finally went public with my story in 2006 the simple truth is, it was just time. When I first realized what was happening to me back in 2002, there were very few Internet resources to help me figure any of it out. At that time Mortgage Servicing Fraud was such a new concept that literally all of us affected were figuring it out as we went. Now while there are more than a few Internet resources, I have personally found very few, if any, that detail someone?s personal, firsthand experiences with Mortgage Servicing Fraud.

I own GetDShirtz.com, I approve content here and will never knowingly allow my site to be used to further harm victims. Further, GetDShirtz.com will never sell, offer or endorse any goods or services that I myself haven?t purchased or tried first. As long as I am at the helm and have the ability to keep it going, GetDShirtz.com will always be a free information resource for all victims of Mortgage Servicing Fraud, not just Fairbanks/Select victims.

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