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Scams & Scavengers

10Apr 2011
Published in Homeowners

How To Avoid Being Taken After You've Already Been Victimized By Mortgage Servicing Fraud 

snake-oil salesman (American, informal) Someone who tries to sell you something of no value.


As if being victimized by Fairbanks Capital/Select Portfolio Servicing and their continuous efforts to steal my home using their widely known Mortgage Servicing Fraud tactics wasn?t enough, since the foreclosure became public knowledge in 2002 (it was published in the newspaper by Harmon Law Offices as is the legally prescribed manner for the non-judicial foreclosure process here in NH) more snake-oil salesmen that I care to count have approached me with offers of ?help?.

Some were brave/foolish/downright stupid enough to actually come knocking on my front door, others sent letters and some even figured out how to call my house. There was one particularly enterprising young attorney who, when I wasn?t home, knocked on my neighbor?s door and told her it was an ABSOLUTE EMERGECNY that I call him immediately. My neighbor just about knocked herself out to find me and you can imagine her embarrassment when she learned this attorney who wanted nothing more than to buy my house and rent it back to me had taken her in with his scam.

Here are a few things I have figured out over the past several years?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The ?STOP FORCLOSURE by renting your own house? scam isn?t designed to help you!

If you have to buy tickets to a seminar to learn it, skip it!

Don?t hire a loss-mitigator, hire an attorney!

If you don?t have to pay for the services of someone claiming that they are going to help you deal with your servicer, with a very few exceptions noted, they are not working for you!

Buying a book/tape/DVD or attending a seminar of any kind WILL NOT DO A SINGLE THING TO FIX OR IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT!
You have to be willing to roll your sleves up and TAKE ACTION!

Check everyone?s qualifications/licenses before you sign on the dotted line or pay them a dime!

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