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Harmon Law Offices

10Apr 2011
Published in Homeowners
Forged foreclosure filings by David J. Stern anger Pasco judge EXPOSED- National Media Picks Up on the Story on David J. Stern NASDAQ, DJSP Enterprises Major Shareholders David J. Stern (Law office Foreclosure Mill) and Kerry S. Propper Subject of Department of Justice Investigation And SBA Law Suit.
Securities Class Action Filed Against David J. Stern and DJSP Enterprises, Inc. FL Foreclosure Defense Attorney Matt Weidner's coverage of David J. Stern Looks pretty bad, doesn't it? Good thing DJSP is all the way down in FL. Only one small problem with that.... DJSP Enterprises, Inc. - Mortgage Processing Services The Company's principal customer is the Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A. whose clients include all of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 mortgage servicers in the United States, many of which have been customers for more than 10 years. DJSP Enterprises, Inc. http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/companyOfficers?symbol=DJSPU.O&WTmodLOC=C4-Officers-5 Mr. Mark P. Harmon serves as a Director of DJSP Enterprises, Inc. Mark P. Harmon is an attorney employed by and is the president of Harmon Law Offices, P.C., which specializes in providing legal services to mortgage servicers. Mr. Harmon has been with that firm and its predecessor, The Law Offices of Mark P. Harmon, for 26 years. Mr. Harmon also has served as the president of Northeast Abstract Company, Inc., a company that performs real estate title searches, since its founding in 2002, and of Commonwealth Auction Associates, Inc, a company that performs real estate auctions, since its founding in 1995. STAN COOPER and NEERAJ METHI, Individually and On Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs, v. DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC; DAVID J. STERN; and KUMAR GURSAHANEY, Defendants. Federal Securities Fraud Suit - Complaint - http://motherjones.com/files/David_J_Stern_Securities_Fraud_suit.pdf DJSP Enterprises, Inc under investor investigation DJSP Enterprises Inc and David J. Stern Under Investor ... Investigation of DJSP Enterprises aka David J. Stern law office ... DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC. PAGE 64 Governance. The business and affairs of DAL will be governed by a board of managers that will consist of five managers. Stern, Raj Gupta, Mark Harmon, Matthew Kayton and Jerry Hutter will comprise the initial board of managers. Managers may only be removed for certain reasons enumerated in the LLC Agreement and will hold office until removal or until their resignation or death. Vacancies will be filled by such manager?s alternative manager as set forth in the LLC Agreement. For so long as the Stern Contributors beneficially own DAL membership interests comprising of at least five percent of the outstanding DAL membership interests, the Stern Contributors shall have the right to appoint one manager to the board of managers. For so long as FlatWorld beneficially owns DAL membership interests comprising of at least five percent of the outstanding DAL membership interests, FlatWorld shall have the right to appoint one manager to the board of managers.




Harmon Law Offices is the firm representing Fairbanks/SPS in the Dillon matter. While their letterhead and all their advertising places them as being out of Newton Mass., they appear to have a local office in Manchester, NH. Harmon is known as a "foreclosure mill" and one visit to www.NHpublicnotices.com will tell you why. Aside from representing Fairbanks/SPS, public notices have listed them as representing GMAC Mortgage, CitiFinancial, Wells Fargo Bank, ABN Amro and MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC (aka MERS) just to name a few. At some point in the  matter of Dillon v Fairbanks et al, each of these lawyers from Harmon Law Offices were involved both in and out of court.
Thomas Santolucito, Esq.
Victor Manougian, Esq.
Veronica Vieros, Esq.
David Rosen, Esq.
Jeff Clark, Esq.


Harmon Law Offices PC doesn't seem to have a website but I did trip over these two interesting sites. From the annals of things that make you go "WHAAAAAAAAAAT THE HECK IS THIS!!!!"

www.hloreinstatement.com HLO likes to argue that they are not debt collectors. If that is true, why do they include the debt collection
miranda on these two sites?

Some interesting research on Fairbanks/SPS' local counsel

Page 9 in the United States Foreclosure Network lists their proud memebership in this "fine organization"

American Legal and Financial Network Listing

Did you know that Harmon Law Offices has been the named Defendant in at least 2 class action

Pettway v. Harmon
settlement website

Edward Allen, et al Plaintiffs v. Harmon Law Offices, P.C. , Defendant. Case No. 02-11438-WGY Consolidated with Case No. 02-12294 GAO

Charges against them included (but were not limited to):

Harmon Law collected or attempted to collect attorneys' fees for legal work related to the foreclosure process by sending a reinstatement letter or payoff letter which followed Harmon Law's standard fee and cost estimation process, or included foreclosure costs in excess of the amounts expended by Harmon Law.

Harmon Law collected attorneys' fees for legal work related the foreclosure process by sending a reinstatement letter or payoff letter following Harmon Law's standard fee and cost estimation process; whose foreclosures were not completed by Harmon Law in accordance with state law because the loan was reinstated or paid off prior to the time of the sale.

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