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Fairbanks 101

10Apr 2011
Published in Fairbanks/SPS

Before we begin, one thing needs to be made clear, Fairbanks Capital Corp. has changed their name to Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS). It is the SAME EXACT company just with a new name. I get many, many emails from people saying their loan was sold from Fairbanks to SPS, your loans were not sold, you are dealing with the same company!

1989 ? Fairbanks founded by Thomas D. Basmajian

2000 ? PMI purchases shares of Fairbanks

December 2000 - Fitch Affs Fairbanks Capital's `RSS1' & `RPS2' Resi Servicer Rtgs

December 2001 - Fairbanks Capital Corp. Announces Definitive Agreement To Acquire Bank Of America's Subprime
Servicing Platform

March 2002 - Fairbanks Capital Corp. Announces Close of EquiCredit Subprime Lending Acquisition Transaction 


May 2002 - Fairbanks Capital Corp. and DLJ Mortgage Capital Sign Letter of Intent for Servicing Arrangement


July 2002 ? PMI Increseases Ownership In Fairbanks With Help of GE & FGIC


March 2003 ? Fairbanks expands office space


03/07/2003 - PMI Group, Inc. Supports Full Cooperation by Fairbanks Capital Corp


April 2003 ? Utah Officials investigate Fairbanks


05/08/2003 ?Fairbanks Makes Management Changes


05/09/2003 ?Moody?s downgrades Fairbanks

05/13/2003 - Mikulski and Sarbanes ask the federal government to investigate Fairbanks


05/28/2003 ? Fairbanks Get Financial Aid From Lenders & Shareholders


June 2003 ? Fitch downgrades Fairbanks


October 2003 ? Fairbanks Ratings Tumble


November 2003 ? FTC announces settlement with Fairbanks


May 2004 - NTIC Announces Agreement of Understanding with Fairbanks Capital Corp


May 2004 ? Fairbanks Settles With Florida


June 2004 ? Fairbanks appoints Consumer Ombudsman


July 2004 ? Fairbanks changes its name to Select Portfolio Servicing


September 2004 ? Fairbanks Agrees To Settle With Michigan Homeowners


October 2005 ? PMI sells SPS and SPS Holding Corp. to Credit Suisse First Boston
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